Rally raid in Greece

For charity

I'm going to the Hellas rally in Greece, for charity. Read why!

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About Me

I'm an about to be 40 year old Swede with a raging motorcycle passion. I’ve competed in enduro and I’m also a certified on- and off-road motorcycle instructor. I’ve ridden around the Adriatic Sea, to the Mediterranean back and forth, twice to the North Cape (once exclusively on gravel for good measure) and I’ve put my KTM 1190 Adventure R in lots of places where it probably shouldn’t have been.

I earn my salary as a management consultant in the IT- and leadership industry, specializing in agile and executive coaching.

The reason as to why I’m doing this is that I’ve always had a drive to give back to those who are in need, and now I’m on a mission to decode the true value of dreams and what role they play in greatness. All this so that I perhaps can give those findings back to others, give so that they may catch their dreams! In the process of doing that I want to collect money to two worthy charities that will be donated.

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